I. Where do we come from?

The agonizing question of the origin of the universe

The beginning. The origin. The starting point. The source. The seed. The singularity.
Whatever one may call the beginning, the meaning is no less than that this is the reason for the existence of all being.

Because of this the importance of the question is probably not a point of contention, but the answer to it. Ever since man has been in critical confrontation with himself, which has been the case since Greek antiquity at the latest, he has been asking himself where he himself, the trees, plants, animals, rivers, lakes, seas, all the mountains and all that this forms, changes and enlivens comes from.

Just as we can no longer remember our own birth, man cannot say how life itself came into being. At our birth, however, our own mother was present at least once – at least a witness.

Therefore, we must fully rely on what those who were present tell us about our birth. But what if nobody was there before? Who can tell us about it? Where does the universe and everything that can be found in it come from?

Here are some thoughts packed into lines:

Attempts at explanation

Despite the lack of evidence, this does not prevent man from independently designing theories that developed into tangible faith cults. One of the first known attempts is written down in the Hindu Vedas, which are among the oldest preserved texts of mankind.

Initially, the indefinable One, Vishnu, was a deity dreaming of a universe that unfolded like a lotus blossom from its belly button and expanded like a cup. The ancient Greeks initially saw the chaos of energy and matter, which gradually came to order after the first Titans and Deities had emerged from it.

The monotheistic book religions, i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all saw in the beginning Yahweh/God/Allah, who created everything according to his ideas. With the emergence of the natural sciences, a theory developed that saw in the beginning an accumulation of energy, whose spontaneous expansion was the beginning of all life.

These are the best known versions of the origin of all existence. Everyone may choose his own personal view and then live, as long as one lives in tolerance with people of other faiths, because every form of fanaticism and the resulting violence, in my opinion, misses the purpose of such a belief.

Yes, also the so-called Big Bang theory is for me only a form of religion, because it is a theory, like all other religions also present it.

Kreis aus religiösen Symbolen

The beginning of the beginning?

So far so good. But now the question arises what was before Vishnu, the chaos, Jaweh, God, Allah or where did this concentration of energy come from? Here we come into thought dimensions that are beyond logic. Of course, it sounds like blasphemy to the ears of a believing Christian when someone asks who created God.

This Christian would answer: God was not created. He has always been there.“ A thoroughly convincing argument. But since when has „always“ been? Can this be expressed in years? Or has God at the same time created space and time by which something like change can be measured?

After all, time is the unity in which we measure change and if this unity does not yet exist, how can we then say with certainty that something has happened, is happening or will happen?

Others would say „in the beginning there was nothing“. But out of this nothingness nothing can actually arise. Where is the universe supposed to come from when it suddenly negates the nothing and becomes something or everything?


Where’s here?

Here and there depend on the subjective perspective. That is obvious. But what is the here, then? According to the established sciences, the universe is spreading further and further. Where does it spread to?

Like wine, it can only spread out as a stain if you put it somewhere on top, but if wine has no medium, then it simply falls. The question is, where is the universe in it, or what kind of medium does it expand to?

I had already hinted at it in the introduction: of course there are no answers here, because there is simply no answer to all these questions. At least not within human-conceivable logic.

Next question: Why then all these questions? That is a perfectly justified question. It’s about locating one’s own position in this game of great processes. Once you realize that you basically don’t even know where we come from, you suddenly feel ridiculous with your earthly problems.

It’s like putting two crying children next to each other and one crying because his ice has fallen, the other because it’s about to starve.


Part of a whole

Everything is interwoven and connected. This sounds esoteric and somehow mystical, but is it really that weird? Let’s first try again with the sober logic of modern science.

In the beginning, according to the Big Bang theory, there was singularity. Everything, everything, everything was bundled in a single point. What does this mean? Everything, everything, everything consists of the same basic material.

Of course, this basic substance has differentiated itself, recombined itself, synthesized itself and gone through many other scientific processes that were written down in the most complicated jargon, but the fact is that we all come from there. On the smallest micro-atomic level, we are all, yes everything, everything the same. Here I like to resort to a metaphorical explanatory model:

Imagine a desert. Sand as far as the eye can see. Now sink with your spiritual eyes below the sand surface, so deep, until your whole imaginable environment is sand or fill the whole desert up to the most infinite point with further sand.

Every grain of sand is now a tiny particle. From these smallest particles there are now different kinds, which are represented in the sand model as differently colored sand grains. These coloured grains of sand group, condense and distribute themselves in such a way that different forms and figures emerge from them, which manifest themselves on our frequency as our world.

The air, the ground, our four walls, each person, the water, all these are only grains of sand of different densities and groups, which we perceive united as one entity. By our frequency I mean the auditory and visual area perceptible to man.

If, in my metaphor, we could reverse poles to the sand frequency, we would see everything in its smallest particles and that basically nothing is separated from each other, but that everything is a whole. Sand of different colours and densities.



The fact of the unity of all being can also be explained from a religious point of view. The Bible says in the Book of Ephesians, chapter 4: Reminder for Unity, in 5 and 6: „One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all“. Elsewhere in Chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians, Chapter 15: The hope of the resurrection against the denial of the resurrection, it says in 28: „So that God may be all in all.

And if in the beginning there was God, that is, he is the starting point, indeed the singularity, and the beginning of his work, as the Big Bang functioned, and we involve the two exemplary biblical passages, then this means nothing other than that God is in each one of us. And if one now regards God as the power that is in everything, in every smallest particle – or even the particles themselves, God is in infinite fragments – then we are connected by God or all a part of a collective Godhood.

If one now merely replaces the term God with spirit or soul, then we find ourselves philosophically in a completely different corner and yet this fits just as well.

Here it becomes clear that the different religions and ways of life in the essential things often have the same views, only the empty words are different, because it is about another cultural environment or simply about another language.

Through this God, through the universal spirit, through the collective consciousness, whatever one may call it, we are not only materially but also mentally connected.


It is due to honesty that I name the wise man and his musical group that inspired me to make this contribution. Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel from Delphi are a band that has been making music for about five years.

The songwriter and frontman Käptn Peng alias Robert Gwisdek captivates in his songs with contents, which lifts the thinking from the hinges and shifts in the direction of a next dimension. I personally recommend everyone to familiarize themselves with his works in every form.

But the final impulse came from the song „Sockosophie“ from their first joint album „Expedition ins O“ (2013). Here and there a sentence from this work flowed into this contribution. I don’t want to say too many words about it, I can simply say: Listen to it:


To find a suitable conclusion for an infinite topic is just as impossible as to confirm the correctness of one of the above theories at the beginning of life. Look into the world and observe the process of life. Everything interlocks. Everything works. The cycle of water, the rotation of the earth around the sun, that of the moon around the earth, growing up, growing up, having children and observing how they then grow up, grow up, have children,…

The cycle of the seasons: how the winter puts nature to sleep, the spring gently awakens life again, the summer leads the living beings to their zenith, while the autumn lets the hard work of the summer cool down and die to prepare the basis for the next awakening process, until the winter lays its warm white blanket over it. And everything sleeps again.

Those who see these miracles may then find their own words for the source of all this.

Long live diversity, creativity and life!

This takes you to Part 2: II. Who are we and what for? (not yet published)

This the english translation of the article:

I. Wo kommen wir her?

Translated with:

By Marco Lo Voi

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