Thoughts on: frustration, worries and fear

Frustration When I look at the ongoing debate around the Corona measures, I am deeply frustrated. The social discourse is deadlocked. The opinion fronts are set and  move no longer. The "mask" has become an established symbol of social attitudes, while the discussion around "Corona" has long since ceased to revolve around the dangerousness of …

Latest findings on corona measures – A look into the world of science

"Science says..." In this article I would like to refer to a study that indirectly examined the effectiveness of political measures that are not explicitly medical in nature. But first a few words about the world of science: The reliability of "science" We often hear "science says this" or "scientists say that" to give a …

War of Information – Between „Fake News“ and „True News“

"These days we are experiencing what I would call "information warfare". Two parties, in this case the well-known opponents "mainstream journalism" and "alternative media", have relatively opposing views on one topic, in this case "Corona", and are engaged in a lively exchange of blows, which, however, is more like the fight "David against Goliath" than "King Kong against Godzilla"."

Day 3 of „The curfew“ – Hopes

"First I wanted to write an article in which I express both fears and hopes. However, I decided to first only formulate my hopes. Why? Because confusion, fear and powerlessness are anyway created and encouraged by the 24-hour Corona livestream on all channels. Therefore, this contribution shall be animated by a few positive thoughts."