„Conspiracy theory“: What is lies behind this expression? – An attempt at explanation – Part 3

Too much hate, too little understanding

I know, it’s exhausting. But for me, writing these articles is at least as exhausting as reading them for you. We are just in the same boat at different ends. However, the topic of „conspiracy theories“ is so hot right now that I really want to cover it in depth.

From my point of view it is really essential for everyone to deal with this topic, because it is currently being used to radicalize and polarize us as a society. The handling is becoming rougher. The violence is increasing. Emotions are boiling up and one is already far beyond reason, even to a certain extent to pure hatred.

Watching these developments causes me deepest pain. My concern with this blog is to close rifts by promoting understanding. However, all we see are hardening fronts and physical and political violence. We must stop these developments. And in order to stop these developments, we need to understand why we humans think and act the way we do.

But because humans are masters in complicating the simplest things, it takes many words to penetrate this web of thoughts and concerns that we weave ourselves. Behind this web, things usually appear very simple. Every realization is very simple in its essence. To reach it, however, can take a whole life. In my opinion, one important insight that should guide our interaction is the following: Every human being wants to live in peace. To achieve this means hard work on oneself. Those who shy away from this work will never achieve real peace for themselves and thus for all people.

How emotions blend our perception

Peace begins with ourselves. Every second of every day we can work on this humanity project. And we do this by observing our emotions.

Everybody knows it: our cell phone falls to the ground, we scratch along the curb with our new car, the freshly dressed top gets a splash of tomato sauce – immediately, emotions are there, which come at us with different intensity. We curse, get upset, get angry, we are taken in by our emotions. What for? The thing we get upset about has already happened. Every additional invested energy does not change the incident. On the contrary: we become hectic and often aggravate the disaster that has already happened.

These are examples of spontaneous emotional discharges, which we also call affects. However, emotions can also be deposited deep in our subconscious. Frustration can increase from a feeling of complete powerlessness to suicidal thoughts. At some point, these feelings also break down and we often regret our subsequent actions. Before this discharge, however, these feelings have a constant influence on our minds.

The mood is, so to speak, the long perspective on the quite natural change of better and worse temper. If we load ourselves more and more heavily with negative thoughts, our mind darkens. Anger accumulates, which increases to hatred, envy, which accumulates to contempt, and frustration, which can end in complete surrender.

Every thought we think, every action we perform and every word we utter is sometimes more, sometimes less colored by these emotions – but our subconscious is always active. There is no off button for this. These emotions can be traced back to certain forms of delusion, to which we are all subject to a certain degree at any given time.

Pay attention to your feelings!

For almost eight years I have been working independently on a wide variety of topics. Starting with classical but also modern literature, covering everything from fantasy entertainment to philosophical-religious and political topics. Furthermore, after some first hints, I went on my own into the confusing world of the internet. I have already written an article about my entry into the world of „conspiracies“, „esoterics“ and „alternative medicine“.

At the latest my contact with the alternative view on the events around the attacks of September 11th was the final impulse to dedicate myself impartially to all kinds of „unpleasant“ topics. Today one would say: At this point my descent into the scene of the „conspiracy theorists“ began.

I would describe it as my personal good fortune not to have been plunged directly into the dark abyss of international politics and the media landscape. Step by step I ventured into ever more complex issues. My approach was Buddhism.

Buddhism teaches how a person can achieve a balance with himself and his environment through self-knowledge. The most important insight that Buddhism taught me and that still guides me in my occupation with all other subjects is: There is no „good“ and no „evil“. There is only suffering and the absence of suffering. Suffering always originates from a confusion / delusion of single or several people. People who think, say and do things that cause suffering always act out of ignorance, never out of true evil.

This basic assumption still prevents me from developing true hatred against anyone. If we look back into the history of mankind, of course good but above all fatal social developments are always attributed to people we are supposed to love or hate. Jesus vs. Hitler, Buddha vs. Bin Laden, Mohammed vs. Trump – we always practice personality cult in the positive as well as in the negative.

However, persons are never the pure good but never the pure evil. It is confusions, aberrations and delusions that drive us to painful actions. We human beings are constantly going round in circles because we succumb again and again to the assumption that eliminating certain persons drives evil out of the world. This will never succeed!

This fact is known to the upper super rich 1%. They therefore provide us with new villains and new heroes that we can hunt down or follow to start our catastrophic game, which we have been playing since time immemorial, over and over again. But we must not simply hate them either, otherwise nothing would be gained.

Even these super rich people are subject to delusions. They are subject to the same human drives as a confused suicide bomber, a hate spreading youtuber or newspaper editor, a fanatically religious demagogue, a state leader with fantasies of great power or even any „simple“ person. The extent of the possibilities and thus the kind of the unfortunately producing actions alone is what distinguishes the mentioned people from each other, otherwise nothing!

Hate and exclusion go hand in hand with untruth

In various contributions I have repeatedly mentioned the old principle that was already applied in the Roman Empire: „divide et impera„, which means „divide and rule“. Hate is the original form of division. And hate is rooted in untruth or ignorance. T-shirt slogans like „I hate haters“ or „I hate hate“ are for me a mirror of the absolute confusion that prevails in the use of these terms. Of course, these sayings are somehow meant ironically. But I only buy this irony from people who are completely free of hate, and only very few people can really say that about themselves.

Hate in its essence always refers to a person or a group. To hate an idea or a thought seems impossible to me, because people are always the originators of these thoughts. Therefore, personalized enemy images are always drawn, which we are supposed to hate. These images are then arbitrarily defined according to contemporary necessity. Yesterday it was communism, then Islam, and today the conspiracy theorist, the billionaire or the politician.


While leaders alternate again and again, we constantly experience the creation of new enemy images, which must be fought until we have „defeated“ them. And once defeated, a new enemy is needed. In order to break out of this spiral of violence, it therefore does not really seem promising if we repeatedly pillory individuals or ethnic groups. If evil could be defeated by executing fellow human beings, man would have done so long ago

How is an enemy created? He is deprived of the status of an equal human being for various reasons. These reasons can be religious, ethnic, scientific or political. Jews are subhumans, Muslims are terrorists, blacks are slaves, dissidents are optionally confused conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites and/or fascists, and politicians are unscrupulous power mongers.

Although not all of the groups mentioned above suffered systematic persecution or extermination in the same way, I do not believe that concentration camps or slave systems need to be created in order to stand up against agitation and defamation. We have witnessed increasing violence against demonstrators of all ages all over the world in recent days.

Whether it is demonstrators against counter-demonstrators or both of them clashing with the police, the violence is increasing, while a good portion of the mainstream media and extremes of the alternative media are pouring oil on the fire from both sides. Even a suspected bomb attack on a company for event technology, which carried out an order for the Basic Law demonstrations in Stuttgart, took place a few days ago.

How „conspiracy theorists“ are turned into „threats

The topic of „emotions“ has been covered in such detail up to this point for good reason. Feelings and emotions are specifically used at this time to control empathy. Reports of the mainstream media differ considerably from the videos on other video platforms than YouTube, experience reports of people on demonstrations and the contributions on other platforms. Videos that show brutal violence against demonstrators and their arbitrary arrests are systematically filtered out and removed from YouTube with frightening speed.

Of course, this statement is not easy to prove, because it is difficult to show something that has been removed, but if you follow other platforms parallel to Youtube, you can clearly see the differences. And this additionally promotes hate and frustration.

Those who are on the streets and experience things are additionally radicalized when the videos and images they publish are systematically censored. This is why many are currently migrating to alternative platforms such as telegram. Finding sample videos for this article that are not from the mainstream press is becoming increasingly difficult. And that really worries me a lot.

In the contributions that are spared from censorship, we then see either very sober or defamatory representations of the demonstrations. Strangely enough, defamatory terms used in this article, such as „anti-Semite“, „fascist“, and „conspiracy theorist“ are not always politically correct, i.e., both the female and male terms are mentioned. These days, these terms are increasingly used without reflection. Generalization and populism seem to have only one-sided validity.

But this is probably connected (attention: conspiracy theory!) with the parallel running defamation campaign against the male sex, to which the emancipation of women, which is worthy of support, has unhealthily developed – oh dear, at this point I will probably lose some readers*. „Divide et impera“…

Selected individuals of the so-called „conspiracy theorists“ are picked out as representative representatives of a pluralistic and thoroughly colorful crowd of the most diverse people. For example, the critics of the current Corona measures are often portrayed in this way, with contributions like this painting a completely different picture.

At this point I could add many contributions and articles which are highly defamatory in my opinion. We all know reports like these well enough. In reports like these, dramatic fates are drawn by people who expose themselves to the contents of the Internet just as completely unreflectedly as many of the „anti-conspiracy party“ do with the contents of such reports. The problematic thing about enemy images of any kind is the following: similar to rumors, enemy images always pick up certain aspects that correspond to the truth.

An example: The myth of the Jewish world government

Particularly effective in Germany for tragic reasons: the topic „Jews“. To discuss this topic objectively borders on impossibility. The emotional burden has a history of thousands of years of persecution, wars and extermination.

At the same time, Jews are associated with another topic that is probably equally burdened with emotions all over the world: money. Sayings like „money rules the world“ or „friendship ends with money“ are not known by everyone for nothing. Everyone has had an experience at least once in their life to which these hackneyed sayings fit.

Even if it is difficult to remain objective on these issues, certain facts must be taken into account. In reports like this one here, basically no arguments are given, but only the circumstances are named, that Jews are afflicted with prejudices – it is exclusively emotionalized. A multi-billionaire, who has been indirectly involved in many wars and revolutions, is portrayed as a victim of prejudice, with no argument whatsoever being provided to exonerate him as a geopolitical actor.

We are talking about George Soros. A quick search will find only those articles in which he is consistently well placed. Original sound bites like this are extremely difficult to find, which gives the impression that he is a flawless democrat. However, there are other opinions, but this is not the topic here. Soros is just one example of a geopolitical in whom criticism is described as anti-Semitic because of his Jewish roots.

Another example would be the almost mysterious Rothschild family. „Enlightenment“ contributions like this one take up individual facts about this family, but relativize them, which is supposed to diminish their importance in international politics and finance.

It is no secret, for example, that one of the key thinkers behind the founding of the Federal Reserve System was Paul Moritz Warburg, a son of a German-Jewish banking family. At the same time, he was a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France (see The Creature of Jekyll Island, p. 20).

We all know the term FED, but what it is and what it does I did not learn in school. Yet it is the biggest influencing factor in global finance, whose lead currency is the (petro)dollar. It is not easy to find something comprehensive and understandable on this topic. Here is an English and a german version of a brief description of the Federal Reserve System. If you like to get the full broadside, I recommend this standard work on the subject: „The Creature Form Jekyll Island“ by G. Edward Griffen (here as PDF in English and here in German readable).

Zwei Personen neben einem Baum - Schwarz-Weiss

So now the old prejudice of „money“ or „banks“ and „Jews“ are coming dangerously close again. Anyone who now deduces from this circumstance that all the money in the world is controlled by Jews is mixing in a simplistic way the actions of individuals with their religious and cultural background.

At this point it should be emphasized that individual representatives, no matter how powerful and influential, can and must never be representative of an entire ethnic group, religious community or ethnicity.


On the other hand, those who dismiss as crude and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory any criticism of the fact that the international banking system in the last hundred years has promoted a distribution of wealth from poor to rich in the end result, because in this case also persons with Jewish roots are criticized, are committing exactly the same mistake that he or she tries to condemn – generalization.

The discussion about global financial capitalism is thus led away from the actual concern, the scourging of the world community by means of interest and compound interest, bail-in and bail-out, financial speculation and economic crises, and is directed solely at the question „Are the Jews good or bad now?


„To err is human“

In the second part of this series of articles I argued that we obviously lack sufficient media competence. At the same time, we are conditioned to believe those to whom we grant a certain authority. When the moment comes when an individual begins to doubt the world view that is sold to us on television, it does not mean that he or she is now completely immune to false conclusions just because he or she is critical of the mainstream.

If you go off the „safe path“ in search of alternative truths, you can get lost in contradictions and untruths as well – so far the mainstream media are right with their warnings.

The Internet was once a place where information could really be disseminated almost unhindered. This fact has uncovered many scandals and corrupt machinations, promoted the unification of the global human family, but of course also opened up the possibility for everyone to make their view of the world accessible to all. I personally consider this to be a very democratic way of forming opinion.

However, especially in recent years, numerous instances have been created to manipulate this opinion-forming process. At present, the most prominent example is probably the self-proclaimed „fact-checkers“ that are appearing everywhere, especially in the course of the Corona crisis. One example of an organization that carries out such „fact-checks“ is correctiv.org. This platform describes itself as independent and non-profit. It is commissioned by Facebook.com, among others, to expose „fake news“. What correctiv.org is exactly, the format 451° has worked up in an entire program.

Of course, among all the reasonable people I personally consider the majority, there are always very loud „eccentrics“ who attract a lot of attention. If these „eccentrics“ now declare „the powerful“, „the politicians“ or individuals like Merkel, Gates or Musk to be new enemy images, then they will quickly gain popularity, because we as humans have always been conditioned to enemy images.

People who are quite rightly fed up with politics, capitalism, wars and corruption will raise these eccentrics to new authorities, because they are really or only superficially „more informed“, „more powerful“, „more courageous“ and therefore „more credible“. If they now already have a broad following, then the inhibition threshold to join this following will drop the larger this following already is. Gustav Le Bon described the behavior of the individual in the masses as early as 1895 in his book „Psychology of the Masses„.

„To err is human“ – that is why we should be careful when we listen to particularly convinced people. Anyone and everyone can and will make a mistake. That’s why we should be equally critical of the daily news as well as of YouTubers and the „alternative media“. Topics like „Corona“ are incredibly complicated and with each additional video and article the confusion can increase.

However, special caution is advised with the so-called „fact checkers“. What distinguishes the „fact checkers“ recognized by the Mainstream from Mainstream journalists? Only the deviating self designation. Also „Faktenchecks“ should be critically examined. The name alone should give the reader/listener the feeling that he would critically deal with a topic if he listened to someone who „checks the facts“. Again, this takes away our independent thinking

Now what about „conspiracy theories“?

„Conspiracy theory“ or „conspiracy myth“, as it is increasingly appearing at present, has become a political term of struggle. It is used by the „mainstream“, similar to the terms „alu hat“, „anti-Semitism“ and „Nazi“, to present people and their differing views on certain issues as untrustworthy.

How is this achieved? Through „decontextualization“, „fragmentation“ and „generalization“. First, individual statements of person X that one wants to defame are taken out of context („decontextualization“). Then these statements are optionally shortened, omissions are made and these individual statements are then rearranged („fragmentation“). And finally, the result is then equated with quite obviously false, anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist and fact-free statements or contributions by other persons on this topic („generalization“).

We see an example of this procedure here. Here, a 14-minute interview with Andreas Popp was conducted in order to elicit certain sentences from him for a reportage intended to defame him. This is what the interview looks like in full length:

And here we see what is left of it:

This procedure can also be applied to individuals. Sometimes one simply takes a series of erroneous individual statements, tears them out of context, rearranges them and comes to the general conclusion that this person would probably only make mistakes in their work. We see an example of this here. The following video from KenFM really went „viral“ as they say. Unfortunately, Ken Jebsen offered here mainly a steep template to defame him, but you probably already know this video:

In a video of a „fact checker“ we see what is left of the thirty minutes:

Because there wasn’t much else to get, they rummaged around a bit in the early days of Ken Jebsen’s career as a journalist, where he did interviews in the style of the Heute-Show or a Stefan Raabs interview, which is maliciously interpreted here as „bullshitting pensioners“. A brief research reveals that this „fact-checker“ also belongs to the mainstream media: Walulis -> Funk -> ZDF. That doesn’t have to mean anything, of course, but my after my analysis („conspiracy theory“) this „fact check“ is driven by the mainstream „agenda“, as they say.

Where truth ends and defamation begins

I want to emphasize once again that there are of course unattractive videos, contributions and simplistic depictions of certain contexts that take a Jewish world conspiracy for reality, that assume a small homogenous community or even solely the Illuminati behind all political activities. I would like to show example videos of this kind, but the YouTube algorithm is now so controlled that such examples are not so easy to find.

However, these kinds of conspiracy theories are still regarded as representative examples of individual statements of various critical voices, although in none of the reports I have seen has it been clearly proven that a Ken Jebsen, an Andreas Popp, a Norbert or Robert Fleischer, a Mathias Bröckers, a Dirk Pohlmann, a Markus Fiedler or a Norbert Häring, etc. etc., represent any anti-Semitic, Nazi or world conspiratorial views.

Only in the way described above are selected samples taken, which are in no way in proportion to the total work of these persons. In order to avoid dealing with the entire work, however, these persons are denigrated in such a way that one either does not deal with their work at all or only with strong reservations.

Closing words

My plea is as follows:
If hatred or aversion to other people is promoted by any people, then listen to your heart. Listen to your humanity and judge by your conscience whether what person A says about person B can be true. And then ask yourself the following questions:

Why does person A not speak with but about person B? Why does person A talk about person B in this way? What is the basic concern of person A and what is the concern of person B? Who pays for the work that person A does and who pays for the effort of person B? Have I ever dealt with person B about whom person A talks? Or have I ever dealt with person A at all? Where does my opinion about person A or B come from? Did I myself search for a personal truth about person B or do I only know what person A thinks and says about person B?

If you have not yet asked yourself these questions, then you should be aware that the thoughts you have about person A or B are not your own thoughts, but the ideas and opinions of other people.

But asking questions alone seems to be a conspiracy theory these days and is sufficient to be considered an „X-denier“ or „X-relativator“.

Therefore: Do not talk about each other! Don’t be afraid of different opinions. Be open for new things and be prepared to let go of the old.

It is time for a social change!

by Marco Lo Voi

This the english translation of the article:

„Verschwörungstheorie“: Was steckt hinter diesem Begriff? – Ein Erklärungsversuch – Teil 3

Translated with:

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