A Virus as a Cover for Global Crises – the reason is Corona!

Tide of Events

The last days feel like my home is a shelter in the eye of a destructive storm. I look out the window, but everything seems quiet. However, when I look into the window to the world, the internet, human society seems to be literally dissolving. Every day I receive videos, articles and contributions, all of which I am supposed to see. In this flood of events, so many things happen at once that no one is able to keep an eye on everything.

Did you hear, for example, how Hungary just a few days ago replaced democracy with a two-thirds majority by a dictatorship? Or how the Czech Republic confiscated an aid shipment for suffering Italy? That Germany is sticking to its military deployment in Syria and has also recently passed a new version of the infection protection law?

That in the USA, in addition to the rampant coronavirus, an earthquake also passes through the high society of the beautiful, rich and powerful? Keyword „Jeffrey Eppstein“ and „Lolita Express“? That the biggest troop movements to Germany since the Second World War have taken place?

The big NATO exercise „Defender 2020“ has now also been officially cancelled. However, there are always videos from all over the country that show military equipment and soldiers, but the videos I could find on Youtube a few days ago are unfortunately no longer available via search.

In a rush test procedures and vaccinations are now being developed to meet the current challenge „Corona“. Procedures that would normally take months and years of intense political wrestling and scientific research are currently being carried out at a rapid pace.

Without further investigation, HIV, SARS and in the USA even a malaria drug is being used against Corona, political decisions are being passed unobserved by frightened politicians, while the population is kept in suspense all day long with the latest figures and developments concerning Corona.

A virus – who actually profits from it?

What exactly is the cause for the emergence of the virus remains a question that will probably only be clarified sometime in the distant future. However, the current situation is the current situation and it is important to think of today and not of yesterday tomorrow.

No matter who or what is responsible for the cause, anyone and everyone who can make a profit from the current situation will do so without mercy. But who will profit from this state of emergency? The citizen, the working class, you, me and probably my and your closest circle of acquaintances will certainly not do so, that much I can tell you in advance.

But who are the winners in this current crisis? The most obvious beneficiary is quite clearly the entire pharmaceutical industry, which has the rights to test procedures, medicines and other medical practices. Every visit to the pharmacy, every registration at a reception desk and every vaccination means a plus on the accounts of the big industrialists – this is no surprise.

Who else benefits? As mentioned above, almost any change in the law that is declared „necessary“ during this time can be whipped through in the course of the state of emergency. The authorities‘ powers are increased, and citizens‘ data are cheerfully passed on from A to B, such as the data on the movement profiles of smartphone users, which Telekom has just passed on to the Robert Koch Institute.

In fact, a single institute, the Robert Koch Institute, dictates the fate of an entire country. Of course, they are the experts who know exactly what needs to be done – or so they say. So a single institute now has the powers of a small government within our federal government.

This responsibility seems to be slowly growing over the head of Christian Drosten, who is currently considering withdrawing from public life.

The advocates of comprehensive opinion management on social Internet platforms are also currently experiencing a boom. The fight against false information is being fought on the Internet like a guerrilla war – quietly and unseen. Videos that raise uncomfortable questions are removed within a few hours, certain posts on Facebook are systematically made invisible to other users, and the public debate resembles more than ever a battle of opinions instead of being conducted in an objective and constructive manner.

The perfidious thing about this approach: how do you want to prove these events by means of evidence when the evidence itself, which is claimed to have been this and that, is no longer there? Difficult and often unbelievable – here is the attempt: this small excerpt is all that is left of a 46-minute article by investigative journalist Billy Six on YouTube. I myself still viewed the original article in its entirety on the day of its publication.

Once again, it is „conspiracy theorists“ against the „mainstream uniformity pap“ who cheerfully cheer each other on the net, only half, never fully listening to each other and adulating themselves in their own bubbles, while only „about“ the other side, only rarely „with“ the other side.

In public perception, it is always exclusively a question of whether this virus is dangerous or not. Corona, Corona. However, very few people ask the question why a form of flu, which in its severe course requires special treatment with a respirator, is able to terrify homo sapiens, the top of the food chain, explorers of the seas, conquerors of the moon and lord of the animal and plant world?

Baum mit Stadt in der Krone

Where’s the honesty?

One thing is certain: in view of the death figures, the significance of which can at least be doubted, all the martial measures should be viewed critically. The central problem is the precarious situation of the world economy and the global health system. If we as humanity were not all compulsorily members of the money religion, then profit maximization, profit increase and eternal growth would not represent the holy trinity of our social system.

Since the First World War, the hyperinflation of the time and the associated mass unemployment, which were sometimes reasons for the outbreak of the Second World War, we have not really learned much. On the contrary: with the abolition of the gold standard of the world’s reserve currency „dollar“, we have turned money into a fictitious quantity that can be multiplied at will.

Money therefore no longer has an inherent value, but is merely a factor in an equation. Anyone who has never heard of this should google the keywords „lifting the gold standard“ as soon as possible. Money is not only a tool of power, it is also a toy. At the world’s major stock exchanges, at the latest since this change has become the playground of the so-called „financial sector“. Companies can generate capital on the stock exchanges as public limited companies, which is not bad.

However, not only manufacturing companies, but also banks can be found on the stock exchanges. With the abolition of the „Glass-Steagall Act“, the „investment banks“, which go to the stock exchange with their investors‘ money, and „commercial banks“, which primarily do what is generally understood to be the function of a bank, are separated from each other („separating banking system“).

This separation no longer exists. This means that your bank, where your hard-earned money in the form of fictitious data lies, can be used by the banks as capital to play the stock market with. To „play“ because the stock market is not just there to buy and sell simple shares. No, one can, for example, generate profit with speculative transactions, which is nothing more than an estimate of the rise and fall of market values, which in its simplicity is equivalent to a bet on a horse race track or a slot machine, without creating real value. However, the bank can also „speculate“ and „gamble away“ its depositors‘ money.

Of course, no one notices when the bank makes a minus deal because people believe that the number in their account can only be touched by them. However, if a certain number of depositors decided to claim all their money, the bank would soon find itself in need of explanations. After all, money exists only in the form of „liabilities“ and „claims“.


The bank does have the „liability“ to give you money in the amount of your account balance. But what do you do if your bank goes bankrupt? Well, your money’s just gone. The last big bankruptcy is still vivid in our minds: Lehman Brothers. The good or the bad, depending on which angle you look at it from: If a bank is global in size, then its bankruptcy would tear a hole in the chain of money flow, which would bring down the entire house of cards „economy“.

Then it was first called „bail out“ and now it is „bail in“! So whereas with the „bail out“ a whole state prevents the insolvency of a bank, now with the so-called „bail in“ creditors, i.e. those who have their money at this very bank, can share in the costs of the rescue.

In plain language: A, B and C give D money that D looks after it. D goes to the betting office and gambles away first his own money and then the money of the others and is now in debt. Then D knocks on the state’s door and gets money from the taxes that A, B, C, but also E, F and G have paid to the state, i.e. to everyone. That is no longer enough: now D can simply say to A, B and C that unfortunately their money is no longer available because D needed it to pay his debts. And this with legal backing.

This is popularly known as fraud, theft and breach of trust. But in politics and business, it’s simply „bail in“.

So the big banks themselves are constantly living on credit, which makes the global economy such a fragile entity. Every other crisis in recent years has further increased the pressure in the debt pot. And now, finally, the salvation is coming: Corona! A culprit for the economic collapse has finally been found. It is not greed, not the perverse conditions that have shaped our international economy for decades that have put us in a difficult position, no! A virus is the real reason for the global economy to go bust.

It is not the reason. It is the drop that finally makes the overflowing barrel overflow.

Health as a business model

So while the very large economic framework is now described in its rough outlines, we will go into detail. Just a few years ago, a wave of privatisation was sweeping through our health sector.

At this point, I would also like to recommend the almost three year old episode of the Institution, which already at that time made exactly this circumstance its theme!

After it was initially illegal to make a profit from hospitals, it has now become commonplace. While 12.12% of the federal budget in 2019 went to militarization (following the global trend), only 4.29% of the total budget remained for health. And in 2020? There it is even 12.45% for militarization and only 4.24% for health!

The outstanding share (over 90%) of this health budget also goes to the statutory health insurance funds. This means that the main part of the federal government’s contribution to payment goes on doctors‘ and hospital bills, an increasing proportion of which is in private hands, while only 0.81% went to medical research.

And now these 0.81% together with 0.74%, which goes directly to the RKI, of 4.29% are supposed to save the world, so that another small part, the hospitals, are not overloaded and can collect money nicely.

So we have tanks and soldiers, but not enough respirators and emergency beds, because if they were empty they would mean a minus in the profit and loss accounts of the hospitals. And now these are urgently needed, but cannot be delivered quickly from China or the USA, because they are needed there themselves.

So while the virus is portrayed as an overpowering boss that exceeds everything in its dangerousness, the real reason for the current quarantine situation is years of mismanagement on the part of the federal government, with too much money ending up in the wrong places, namely in the coffers of the big industrialists, bankers and politicians.

In short, we lock ourselves in so that the queues at the doors of the broken-down hospitals do not become too long. While not quite a year ago the „experts“ advised to close every second clinic because the clinics were too poorly equipped, the shouting is now quite big. While large health care companies have made more sales than ever before in recent years, even in a rich country like Germany the lack of health care has been a constant topic of discussion for some time now.

The corona panic offers itself here as a cover to make all the causes that have manoeuvred us into this situation of excessive demands disappear from public perception.

The virus is to blame! Corona alone is to blame!


The mendacity of politics and the media makes me angry. There is little or no systematic presentation of the above-mentioned connections. And those who do so have recently been systematically criticised and silenced. I am not relativizing the virus, I am only classifying it in the national and international contexts.

It is time to put an end to this situation!

Please share this post diligently, because Facebook is already actively cutting back the distribution of my articles!

by Marco Lo Voi

This the english translation of the article:

Ein Virus als Deckmantel globaler Krisen – Der Grund ist Corona!

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